«Our mission is to manage your company’s brand identity development throughout its evolution.»

We are a full service advertising agency focused on start-up businesses. Inspired by the runway cruising and taking off procedures in aviation we called ourselves Taxi & Takeoff.

Our team is formed out of young but experienced members that have already worked both in and with advertising agencies for years. Also we began this project because we believe in a free market where small privately owned businesses can develop creative strategies.

The pricing policy we’re adopting always has the core-concept that we are working with start-up companies and not big corporations, assuring you the best value for money.




Our team will prepare you for the takeoff of your company and assist you through the creative process of crafting and developing your brand’s identity. We will provide services such as logo design, graphics and development.


As we start our ascent we will make sure that your brand will keep in touch with both your media partners and your customers. Also, if there are any turbulence, you can rely on us, handling the situation.


We will be happy to provide you with visual experiences such as product photography, cinematic videos or even panoramic imagery for your customers to enjoy and for their best interaction with your brand.


Our experienced digital marketing crew will offer their support and guidance through the process of online advertising your company while continuously adapting and improving the strategy for the best results.

Let's work togehter!

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