The Vine

The Vine is a stylish bistro in Bucharest named after it’s staggering vine garden they have in their yard.

Our mission was to show off their fusion dishes as well as the eclectic environment as well as reimagining the brand’s identity.

The Vine is a bistro in Bucharest and we've been working with since September 2017.


We wanted both to create a bolder identity of the brand and to underline the inspiration for our client's brand name - the vine in the bistro's yard.
Also we emphasized the positioning and the values of the brand through a bold statement: Local de viță - meaning a high-bred place focused on quality.
Our client's request was to show off their fusion dishes. Our approach was that of placing them in a context, as well as framing the bistro's environment.


Our client's request was to target people interested in wines, with medium to large incomes.

The strategy we came up with was pretty straight-forward: we rolled out an Instagram campaign to educate our followers on wines. Also, we planned a wine-tasting event where the wine-making brand, Catleya, showcased their 2017 Freamat wines collection.



We initiated a campaign on Instagram named Wednesday Wine in order to provide more information on the wines that our client serves.

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