Communication Strategy for Chronic Love Festival

Our client’s requests were to target both people from Sibiu (the festival’s hometown) as well as all the major cities in Romania.

As a solution, we decided to partner with BlaBlaCar, a popular ride sharing service in Romania. Also, we worked with some influencers, in order to reach the young, millennial audience.


Mocking Bucharest’s Administration New Logo

We decided to make a little fun of the new logo for Bucharest’s Administration, which was release during our campaign.

Mocking Bucharest's Administration New Logo
Real time irony

Real time irony

A real time marketing campaign based on an incident at Sunwaves Festival.



We decided to use the profile as a one-page event poster divided into fifteen posts, with a twist. Whenever you clicked on each of these tiles, a 15-seconds long video is playing, showcasing each one of the artists that were headlining at the festival. The artists were sorted alphabetically behind each one of the tiles.



In order to get a larger amount of people reached on Facebook, we teamed up with some more visible partners. One of them was BlaBla Car, an international ride-sharing platform, who also created a unique link for the people who wanted to find a ride heading to Chronic Love.

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