The Vine Bistro

The Vine is a bistro in Bucharest and we've been working with since September 2017.

We are in charge with a series of tasks such as redesigning the visual identity and managing the social media communication.

Also we designed and developed a unique website. More on this topic below, in the Website section.


We wanted both to create a bolder identity of the brand and to underline the inspiration for our client's brand name - the vine in the bistro's yard.
Also we emphasized the positioning and the values of the brand through a bold statement: Local de viță - meaning a high-bred place focused on quality.




We initiated a campaign on Instagram named Wednesday Wine in order to provide more information on the wines that our client serves.


We've created a dynamic website that incorporated a 360 virtual tour of the bistro in the webpage's background that can be triggered with the mouse or device movement. Our concept was that the customers of the bistro should be familiar with the location before they arrive.